I partner with business leaders and creative agencies to deliver meaningful work that brings results. My core services include:

— Brand Identity Design
— Logo Design
— Marketing Campaign Design
— Graphic Design
— Print & Digital Design


Select businesses and brands I’ve designed for:

Accent Group
Adapt Productivity
Adelaide Airport
New Balance

RockUp Group
The Athlete’s Foot


PRINT Magazine, Grafik Editions, The Design Kids, Blank Poster, icographica, typegoodness, World of Type, typosters, You Are Typography, Helvetica Poster


Sarah Welbourn, Brand & Marketing
Adelaide Airport

"Yianni understands our brand and produces beautiful design that we’re extremely proud to present to our stakeholders.
He takes on all work with enthusiasm, is eager to find creative solutions, and helps us achieve great outcomes for our business through his thoughtful communication and design craftsmanship.
I wouldn’t hesitate recommending his services to anyone. We love working with Yianni."
Jaquie Scammell, Founder
Service Q
"Yianni helped me leverage my IP and become incredibly easy to buy.

Our gorgeous branding ensures we stand out from our competition, and our laser-focused positioning helps us only attract the customers we want.
Through his brand strategy process, we now have a clear understanding of our ideal customers and exactly what we need to do to satisfy them. As a team, we spend less time and money on what ‘might’ work, and more on what we know will work.
The quality and quantity of incoming leads is significantly higher. More often than not, customers are ‘sold’ before even talking to us."
Dermot Crowly, Founder
Adapt Productivity
"Yianni has a great ability to know what works and to guide my thinking about how to communicate complicated ideas to my clients in a clean and simple way.

I have been working with Yianni for years on the design of collaterals for my training business.
He is easy to work with, and always ready to have robust conversations about what serves the work best. He provides a different perspective, and is able to execute quickly and deliver high quality design.
I would not hesitate recommending his services to anyone." 
Sam Moore, Marketing Director
"Yianni is great to work with for two reasons.

Firstly, he is a pleasure to have around the office. Secondly, his execution is top drawer. And when your feedback may be taking things off course, Yianni has the ability to steer you in the right direction."
Dani Bartolini, Owner
Rock Up Group
"Absolutely love working with you!

You have such a calm and quietly confident demeanour which is exactly the type of energy we need in our team!" 

Five facts

1. I share my name with an ultramarathon runner.
2. I have two amazing kiddos.
3. I started a rug company that didn’t make rugs.
4. Cucumbers are my favourite food item.
5. Graphic design is my passion.

A little more about me

Yianni as a toddler

I was always a curious, creative person - building with lego as a toddler, doodling through school and thinking I wanted to be an architect. Though the doodling didn't lead to illustrative talent and I never became an architect, I did end up pursuing graphic design at university and have been in love with the profession ever since.

I've been creating and supporting brands for around 10 years. During that time I've gained a wealth of experience through my freelance practice with clients around the country, working in-house in retail businesses, and at a design agency. 

I'm lucky to work with people who care deeply about their customers and want to work collaboratively to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Outside of work you'd find me playing with my kiddo, waking up at 5am to watch soccer, or digging into a short-ish videogame.

Let's work together

If you feel like I would be a good fit for your project, or would like to have a chat, please send me an email: